We're a digital marketing agency full of dreamers. Our mission is to change the way people see and value brands using strategic, creative and technological methods.


Let's have a chat about what this means and like Cinderella, find out if the shoe fits :)


As digital marketing experts with a firm grasp on the ever-evolving digital landscape, we're passionate about helping you get ahead of the competition and position your business for long term success.

These three sessions are all about unpacking what you already know and putting it to good use. We will talk about your business structure, your goals as a business owner and for your business, what you know about your customers and the best approach and strategy for your next steps.


If your journey with us ends here, it'll be a one-time payment, but if you are as eager as we are to transform your brand and take it to next level, the cost of these sessions will be included in your ongoing marketing or social media plan.


Changing multi-channel buying behaviour requires a thorough understanding of the customer journey. 


Here is where we come in with innovative solutions tailored to your business. Our marketing plans are strategically developed to achieve your GOALS and find your creative voice.


We are results-driven, so you can start with a 3-month plan. These plans include:

  • Social media audit and competitor analysis

  • Content pillars

  • Social media optimisation and community engagement (anything but technical questions regarding your specific field knowledge)

  • Content calendars (One monthly revision)

  • Content creation and scheduling. (According to marketing strategy)

  • Blog writing - (Up to 2 blogs a month)

  • Automation Campaigns - Email Direct Marketing or EDM - (Up to 2 a month)

  • Monthly Progress Catch Up and Report



At Vox Pop Media, we believe there is no single one-size-fits-all solution; we bespoke everything from concept to delivery. We are here to help our clients grow and we want your ideas and energy to flow through all our work.


With our social media plans, we make sure to uphold these values and include all the essentials and marketing strategy needs tailoring to your business, including:


  • Social media audit and competitor analysis

  • Social media optimisation

  • Content pillars

  • Content calendars (One monthly revision)

  • Content creation and scheduling (According to marketing strategy)

  • Monthly catch up and report

I am ready! 

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